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Z and C Purlins


Z & C Purlins are made up with a help of quality-oriented cold-formed or rolled sheets mainly for a purpose of supporting the roof. The flexible shape of the (Z & C Purlins) is available in numerous forms and designs. Moreover, these purlins are extensively consumed in a plenty of the roofing solutions which mainly constitutes godowns, workshops, industrials sheds and much more. The interesting factor of such Z & C Purlins is that it can easily save up to 50% on the structural sheet in compliance with the hot rolled angles. We are the best service providers who render the crisp and clean purlins in design which do not allow the scope of any form of inaccurate lengths.

We manufacture a broader assortment of Z & C Purlins and grills which are meant different for different forms of the application. These are manufactured with different forms of the quality oriented ingredients and raw material which are also supplied plain or punched.


• Strong

• Reliable

• High-quality purlin

• Perfect girt steel framing system

However, such Z & C Purlins are broadly used in a large or say bulk quantity to the below-listed places:

• Building

• Garages

• Verandahs

• Carports

And in fact, at different forms of the places where strong, reliable steel framing seems to be a mandatory necessity. In addition to this, these Z & C Purlins are manufactured especially from the top-notch quality oriented galvanized steel especially in a fully integrated system meant to an allowing for the flexible design options. Alongside this, our services of the Z & C Purlins are manufactured from the high tensile steel which is considered as the most mandatory equipment especially when it comes to the following:

• Increased strength

• Reduced weight

• and a long serviceable life

All such services are meant to deliver the product on the long term aspects.

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