PEB Building Structure and its uses ?

PEB Building Structure and its uses ?

PEB structure is basically a steel structure, its members are columns, roof, purlins, truss etc. A PEB Building Structure is designed specifications are erected on site and joined together using bolts.The foundation of the prefabricated buildings is made of conventional concrete to support the superlight structure and to carry heavy loads. In some cases, the floor is also built of conventional concrete.RS Steel India is one of the best PEB manufacturers is best in the class. All the products delivered by us are made through the highest quality material.

Uses of PEB Buildings Structure ?


  • Reduces the time of Construction

The PEB Metal buildings are designed with high strength steel and use of tapered built-up sections. We use a computerized design program and continuous light gage secondary steel section. PEB buildings designed by us are delivered in just a few weeks after approval of drawings. This process helps to reduce 50% construction time for a project.

  • Design

The PEB are formed of standard section and connections. Design time reduces and design program optimize material required. The low-weight, flexible frames provide higher resistance to seismic forces too.

  • Reduces cost

As it is a systematic approach, there is a significant saving in designing process. The structural elements are shaped by our designers to follow the stress diagram of a member.  According to the result of it reduces weight, cost and load to foundations.The overall price per square meter may reduce up to 30% as compared to the conventional cost.

  • Foundation of the building

A Pre Engineering Building is 30% lighter as compared to the conventional steel structures.So the foundations are of simple design, easy to construct and light in weight.

  • Single vendor is responsible

Whole complete setup is supplied by a single vendor so the computability of all the building components and accessories is assured. It is one of the major benefits of the PEB buildings.

  • Quality control and lower maintenance cost

Steel Metal building is manufactured in a factory under the controlled conditions so the high quality is assured.All components of the building are made with high quality paint system for cladding and steel to fulfill the requirement of the site.

PEB Builidng Structure
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