Why Peb Building Structure is superior over Conventional steel Construction

Prefabricated Metal Building is superior over Conventional steel Construction.

A Prefabricated Metal Building is made of built-up sections, hot rolled sections and cold formed elements. This is designed in a factory and shipped to the site in completely knocked down.

Although the origin of PEB was traced in 1960 its potential has been felt only during the recent years. According to an estimated 70% of all new commercial buildings in the US are Pre-engineered.

Comparison of Prefabricated Metal Building and Conventional steel buildings.

  • Cost of raw material

PEB Building structure requires a quantity of material less as compared to Conventional steel buildings. Whereas the Conventional steel building requires R.C.C. Structure.

  • Architectural Flexibility

The architectural flexibility is possible with the least additional cost of the Prefabricated structure. In the conventional steel building, architectural flexibility requires additional cost.

  • Control over the quality

PEB structure has 100% quality control as the manufacturing process is carried out in a factory. The conventional structure is partly dependent on labor and detailed engineering.

  • Future Expansion

By future expansion of the Peb Structure can be easily done even if it is not already planned. A conventional steel structure requires advance planning otherwise expansion becomes difficult.

  • Weight

The PEB structure is very light in weight as compared to the conventional steel structure.

  • Design

Due to the customization, high and software & dedicated designers PEB is better optimized over a conventional steel structure. The limited optimization is subject to the available sections in the conventional steel structure.

  • Work management

The Peb structure is one agency/single source responsibility and the conventional structure is the responsibility of multi-point co-ordination.

A Prefab structure is the real value to the clients without sacrificing the durability, wind resistance, aesthetic appearance, etc.

In the end, we can say Peb building is the most suitable option for any low-rise building and offer numerous benefits as compared to conventional steel buildings.